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Mystery Lady

Mystery Lady aka Lady is one of the sweetest horses. She is 15h, 11 years old and bay black in color. She has a very calm and trusting personality which she passes on to her foals. With her very comfortable gait and flashy way of going she could easily show off in the ring or be the perfect trail mount. She has given beginner lessons and is very understanding of mistakes. She has even gone over a few cross rails and seems to enjoy them! Lady has been on several hunter paces and is the same horse on and off property. She does prefer to go out on the trails with other horses but going out alone does not stop her. She has no vices and is not buddy/barn sour. She’s the kind of horse you can leave for months at a time and she will still be the same when you get back on her. She is currently in foal to Chocolate Venture and is due in July. Buy her in foal or after, the choice is yours! Price: In Foal- High four figures, Alone- Mid four figures.

Illustration by: Stephanie Wood


7 Years Old




Rocky Mountain Horse


14.3 Hands


Certified and Registered



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